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Series: Youth Gang Series
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Highlights of the 2011 National Youth Gang SurveyTop  
 September 2013. This fact sheet presents findings from the National Gang Center's National Youth Gang Survey. 4 pages. NCJ 242884.
Highlights of the 2010 National Youth Gang SurveyTop  
 April 2012. This fact sheet presents highlights of the 2010 National Youth Gang Survey (NYGS), which annually collects data on the size and scope of the Nation’s gang problem from all police departments in cities with more than 50,000 residents and all suburban county police and sheriff’s departments, as well as a random sample of police departments in cities with populations between 2,500 and 50,000, along with rural county sheriff’s departments. 4 pages. NCJ 237542.
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Youth Gangs in Indian CountryTop  
 March 2004. This report presents data regarding the presence and effect of youth gang activity in Indian country and an overview of programmatic responses to the problem. 16 pages. NCJ 202714.
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Modern-Day Youth GangsTop  
 June 2002. Drawing on data from the 1996 and 1998 National Youth Gang Surveys, this bulletin compares the characteristics of gangs and gang members in jurisdictions with later (1991-96) onset of gang problems with those of gangs and gang members in jurisdictions with earlier onset (before 1991) of gang problems. 12 pages. NCJ 191524.
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Hybrid and Other Modern GangsTop  
 December 2001. This bulletin describes the nature of modern youth gangs, particularly hybrid gangs. 8 pages. NCJ 189916.
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Early Precursors of Gang Membership: A Study of Seattle YouthTop  
 December 2001. This bulletin presents results of Seattle’s Social Development Project, which examines the question of why young children and teenagers decide to join gangs. 6 pages. NCJ 190106.
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Female Gangs: A Focus on ResearchTop  
 March 2001. This bulletin summarizes research on female gangs and draws attention to programmatic and research needs. 12 pages. NCJ 186159.
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Preventing Adolescent Gang InvolvementTop  
 September 2000. This Bulletin provides information on which to build a comprehensive strategy to prevent youth gang involvement, as it examines the youth gang problem within the larger context of juvenile violence. 12 pages. NCJ 182210.
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Youth Gangs in SchoolsTop  
 August 2000. This survey found that gangs were very prevalent in schools, with 37 percent of students surveyed in the 1995 School Crime Supplement (SCS) reporting gangs in their schools. 8 pages. NCJ 183015.
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Youth Gang Drug TraffickingTop  
 December 1999. This bulletin analyzes the participation of youth gang members in drug sales and the role of gangs in drug distribution, based on the findings of the 1996 National Youth Gang Survey. 12 pages. NCJ 178282.
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Youth Gangs, Drugs, and Violence ConnectionTop  
 January 1999. This report examines the relationships among youth gangs, drugs, and violent gangs, with emphasis on whether drug trafficking is a main activity of youth gangs, whether drug trafficking is a main cause or violence in youth gangs or only a correlate, and other causes of gang violence. 12 pages. NCJ 171152.
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Youth Gangs: An OverviewTop  
 August 1998. This paper, the first in a series on gangs, provides an overview of the problems that youth gangs pose, identifies the differences between youth gangs and adult criminal organizations, examines the risk factors that lead to youth gang membership, and presents promising strategies being used to curb youth gang involvement. 20 pages. NCJ 167249.
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Police Technical Assistance ManualTop  
 1992. This police manual presents guidelines for implementing a model devised to intervene and control the youth gang problem. 67 pages. NCJ 142665.
Probation: Technical Assistance ManualTop  
 1992. This manual provides an overview of how a probation department can implement a promising youth gang suppression and intervention program. 84 pages. NCJ 142667.
Prosecutor: Technical Assistance ManualTop  
 1992. This manual is designed to assist prosecutors and their staffs in crafting and instituting a communitywide response to youth gangs. 56 pages. NCJ 142669.
Technical Assistance Manual ParoleTop  
 1992. This manual outlines a six-stage parole antigang planning process: preassessment, assessment, development of program goals and objectives, strategy selection, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation. 86 pages. NCJ 142723.
Corrections: Technical Assistance ManualTop  
 1992. This manual is designed to enhance the ability of correctional staff to control youth gang problems within the institution, develop correctional services that promote positive behavior change by gang youths, and strengthen the linkages between the institution and community agencies that contribute to the achievement of institutional mission responsibilities. 71 pages. NCJ 142966.
School: Technical Assistance ManualTop  
 1991. This manual discusses how to assess an individual school gang problem and plan intervention. 116 pages. NCJ 142717.
Youth Employment: Technical Assistance ManualTop  
 1991. This manual details how to implement an employment program for gang youth and reviews steps for the development and planning of an employment program that targets gang youth. 106 pages. NCJ 142719.