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Changing Lives: Prevention and Intervention to Reduce Serious OffendingTop  
 August 2014. This bulletin assesses early childhood, juvenile, and early adulthood programs that have demonstrated measurable impacts on offending in early adulthood or up to age 29. 8 pages. NCJ 243993.
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Criminal Career PatternsTop  
 May 2014. This discussion of the criminal careers of offenders focuses on the links between offending patterns in adolescence and in adulthood. 2 pages. NCJ 242545.
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Explanations for OffendingTop  
 May 2014. This publication summarizes findings from the paper Explanations for Offending, one of a series of papers prepared for the study group on Transitions From Juvenile Delinquency to Adult Crime. 2 pages. NCJ 243975.
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Prediction and Risk/Needs AssessmentTop  
 May 2014. This research bulletin discusses predicting and assessing risk for criminal behavior among young adults. 2 pages. NCJ 243976.
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Delays in Youth JusticeTop  
 Feburary 2014. This research bulletin reviews a study that employed to different data sources to examine delays in juvenile case processing. 5 pages. NCJ 237149.
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Young Offenders: What Happens and What Should HappenTop  
 Feburary 2014. This bulletin examines policies that impact young offenders who cross over from the juvenile to the criminal justice system, with a focus on juvenile delinquents ages 15-17 who are candidates for transitioning into the criminal justice system and young adults age 18-24 who are already in the criminal justice system. 3 pages. NCJ 242653.
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