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Gun Use by Male Juveniles: Research and PreventionTop  
 July 2001. This bulletin highlights results from the Rochester Youth Development Study, a longitudinal analysis of illegal gun ownership and use by juveniles, and current prevention efforts aimed at reducing juvenile gun violence. 12 pages. NCJ 188992.
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Co-occurrence of Delinquency and Other Problem BehaviorsTop  
 November 2000. This Bulletin examines the co-occurrence or overlap of serious delinquency with drug use, problems in school and mental health problems. 8 pages. NCJ 182211.
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Teenage Fatherhood and Delinquent BehaviorTop  
 January 2000. The Rochester Youth Development Study and the Pittsburgh Youth Study have tracked a sample of urban males through their teenage years and have provided data indicating that prior involvement in delinquent behavior increases the risk that a boy will become a teenage father and that becoming a teen father may lead to further delinquency. 8 pages. NCJ 178899.
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Family Disruption and DelinquencyTop  
 October 1999. This study examines the relationship between family disruption and delinquency. 6 pages. NCJ 178285.
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Developmental Pathways in Boys' Disruptive and Delinquent BehaviorTop  
 December 1997. This bulletin summarizes longitudinal research from the Pittsburgh Youth Study, which has documented three developmental pathways that boys follow as they progress to more serious problem behaviors. 20 pages. NCJ 165692.
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In the Wake of Childhood MaltreatmentTop  
 August 1997. This bulletin presents findings on the relationship between childhood maltreatment and subsequent adolescent problem behaviors as determined by the Rochester Youth Development Study. 16 pages. NCJ 165257.
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Epidemiology of Serious ViolenceTop  
 June 1997. This study examines the varying levels of juveniles' involvement in violent acts according to age, sex, and ethnicity and recommends a public health model of prevention, treatment, and control. 22 pages. NCJ 165152.
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Gang Members and Delinquent BehaviorTop  
 June 1997. This bulletin presents findings from the Rochester Youth Development Study (RYDS) concerning what portion of delinquency in the U.S. can be attributed to gang members. 6 pages. NCJ 165154.
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