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Juvenile Justice Journal, Volume IX, Number 1 (Causes and Correlates)Top  
 September 2004. This issue features an article that summarizes a few of the empirical findings of three longitudinal studies on the causes and correlates of juvenile delinquency, as well as an article that explains how local leaders can use risk-factor research in addressing youth gangs, a problem that affects communities nationwide. 40 pages. NCJ 203555.
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Juvenile Justice Journal, Volume VIII, Number 1 (School Violence Issue)Top  
 June 2001. This journal presents three articles that examine the extent and nature of school violence and review promising approaches to creating safe schools and resolving conflicts peacefully; the journal also describes other resources related to these issues. 40 pages. NCJ 188158.
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Juvenile Justice Journal, Volume VII, Number 3 (Parenting Issue)Top  
 December 2000. This journal highlights the importance of parent-child relationships and features ways to improve the family's capacity for child welfare. 36 pages. NCJ 184746.
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Juvenile Justice Journal, Volume VII, Number 2 (American Indian Issue)Top  
 December 2000. This issue of "Juvenile Justice" provides a compendium of information on preventing and combating delinquency among American Indian youth. 40 pages. NCJ 184747.
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Juvenile Justice Journal, Volume VII, Number 1 (Mental Health Issue)Top  
 April 2000. This issue of “Juvenile Justice” addresses important mental health issues affecting many youth in the juvenile justice system. It looks at model juvenile mental health programs directed at the prevention of juvenile delinquency. 44 pages. NCJ 178256.
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Juvenile Justice Journal, Volume VI, Number 2 (Juvenile Court Issue)Top  
 December 1999. This issue of “Juvenile Justice” commemorates the centennial anniversary of the juvenile court and its diverse and distinquished accomplishments. 40 pages. NCJ 178255.
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Juvenile Justice Journal, Volume VI, Number 1 (Focus on Girls Issue)Top  
 October 1999. The three featured articles of this journal focus on a 21st century strategy for investing in girls, the work of Maryland's Female Intervention Team, and the operations of the National Girls' Caucus, an effort to ensure equitable treatment for girls in the juvenile justice system. 40 pages. NCJ 178254.
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Juvenile Justice Journal, Volume V, Number 2 (Substance Abuse Issue)Top  
 December 1998. This magazine presents articles on the effectiveness of drug prevention strategies, the potential of juvenile drug courts for providing treatment responses to juveniles and their families while ensuring accountability, the use of environmental approaches to reducing juvenile alcohol use, and lists of Web sites and other resources on drug abuse. 38 pages. NCJ 173425.
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Juvenile Justice Journal, Volume IV, Number 1, May 1998 (Juvenile Justice at the Crossroads)Top  
 May 1998. This special issue of “Juvenile Justice” contains seven articles that feature overviews of the main topics discussed in the workshops and plenary sessions of a national conference held in December 1996 to address the theme “Juvenile Justice at the Crossroads.” 121 pages. NCJ 165926.
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Juvenile Justice Journal, Volume V, Number 1 (Child Protection Issue)Top  
 May 1998. The son of John Walsh, the host of the television program "America's Most Wanted" and whose son was abducted and murdered in 1981, discusses changes that have occurred in the way the juvenile justice system responds to missing and exploited children. 35 pages. NCJ 170025.
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Juvenile Justice Journal, Volume IV, Number 2 (Making a Difference Issue)Top  
 December 1997. This journal presents articles, publication reviews, and news items on research and promising programs in juvenile delinquency prevention, youth violence prevention, juvenile gangs, mentoring for youth, and restitution and community service programs. 32 pages. NCJ 166823.
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Juvenile Justice Journal, Volume III, Number 2 (Youth Violence Issue)Top  
 September 1997. These articles examine the use of violence and weapons by juveniles against other juveniles, the National Juvenile Justice Action Plan, reasons for the recent crime in juvenile violent crime, and recent books and Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) publications. 31 pages. NCJ 165925.
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Juvenile Justice Journal, Volume III, Number 1 (Community-Based Juvenile Justice Issue)Top  
 December 1996. These articles examine the restorative model of juvenile justice, the community-based aftercare initiative of the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), the use of satellite teleconferencing for training juvenile justice and child welfare personnel, and other issues related to juvenile justice. 39 pages. NCJ 161410.
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Juvenile Justice Journal, Volume II, Number 2 (JJDP Act Issue)Top  
 December 1995. Four papers examine the impact of the Federal Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDP) on the juvenile justice system, with attention to the act's central mandate to deinstitutionalize status offenders. 36 pages. NCJ 152979.
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Juvenile Justice Journal, Volume II, Number 1 (Serious Problems Issue)Top  
 April 1994. Longitudinal surveys of high-risk youths in Denver, Pittsburgh, and Rochester underscored the link between juvenile drug use and delinquency. 32 pages. NCJ 148407.
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Juvenile Justice Journal, Volume I, Number 1 (Inaugural Issue)Top  
 1993. The articles in this issue pertain to the conditions of confinement of juveniles in secure facilities, a juvenile court judge's comments on the challenges facing the Nation's juvenile justice system, and problems related to the recovery and reunion of parentally abducted children. 36 pages. NCJ 199876.
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Juvenile Justice Journal, Volume I, Number 2 (National Agenda for Children Issue)Top  
 December 1993. This journal contains a number of innovative ideas for preventing juvenile delinquency. 40 pages. NCJ 145300.
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