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Series: Juvenile Accountability Block Grants Series
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Juvenile Accountability Block Grant Programs: 2008-2009 Report to CongressTop  
 March 2011. Presents data from local subgrantees on how their juvenile accountability programs performed during the 2008 and 2009 reporting periods. 25 pages. NCJ 231990.
Juvenile Accountability Block Grants Program: 2006/2007 Report to CongressTop  
 January 2009. This Report presents an analysis of the performance measurement data; outlines the factors that influence the collection of JABG data; and reports on accomplishments at the local level, OJJDP's training and technical assistance efforts in support of the JABG program, results from the Tribal Juvenile Accountability Discretionary Grants Program, and OJJDP's planned enhancements to the JABG program. 32 pages. NCJ 225367.
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Juvenile Accountability Block Grants Program: 2005 Report to CongressTop  
 January 2008. This report presents findings from the second round of performance-measurement data (for the reporting period of April 1, 2004, through March 31, 2005) collected from the States and Territories and analyzed by OJJDP. 44 pages. NCJ 217458.
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Juvenile Accountability Block Grants Program: 2004 Report to CongressTop  
 August 2005. This report reviews the 2003 through 2004 performance period of the Juvenile Accountability Block Grants (JABG) program offered through OJJDP. 43 pages. NCJ 208362.
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Changes to OJJDP's Juvenile Accountability ProgramTop  
 June 2003. This document discusses the Juvenile Accountability Block Grants (JABG) program, which has been restructured effective October 1, 2003. 6 pages. NCJ 200220.
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Best Practices in Juvenile Accountability: OverviewTop  
 April 2003. This bulletin traces the history of OJJDP's Juvenile Accountability Incentive Block Grants (JAIBG) program, reviews the developmental perspective that shapes juvenile accountability, and presents case histories that illustrate effective practices that promote accountability. 12 pages. NCJ 184745.
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Juvenile Gun Courts: Promoting Accountability and Providing TreatmentTop  
 May 2002. This bulletin describes the development of juvenile gun courts and a review of the Jefferson County Alabama Juvenile Gun Court under the OJJDP Juvenile Accountability Incentive Block Grants Program (JAIBG). 12 pages. NCJ 187078.
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Juvenile Drug Court ProgramsTop  
 May 2001. This bulletin aims to provide local officials with the perspectives of juvenile justice practitioners and policymakers who have experience with juvenile drug court programs, which are intensive treatment programs that provide specialized services for drug-involved youth and their families. 16 pages. NCJ 184744.
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Increasing School Safety Through Juvenile Accountability ProgramsTop  
 December 2000. This bulletin focuses on the promotion of school safety by increasing the accountability of students for their behavior. 16 pages. NCJ 179283.
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Developing a Policy for Controlled Substance Testing of JuvenilesTop  
 June 2000. This bulletin provides an overview of substance testing of juveniles, describes the major indicators of the need for such testing, and summarizes the research on recent trends in substance abuse. 12 pages. NCJ 178896.
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Ten Steps for Implementing a Program of Controlled Substance Testing of JuvenilesTop  
 June 2000. Intended as a companion to the JAIBG Bulletin, "Developing a Policy for Controlled Substance Testing of Juveniles" (See NCJ-178896), this Bulletin presents a detailed discussion of a 10-step process for developing and implementing a substance-testing program for juveniles. 28 pages. NCJ 178897.
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Establishing and Maintaining Interagency Information SharingTop  
 March 2000. This bulletin, part of the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention's Juvenile Accountability Incentive Block Grants, summarizes what is necessary to establish and maintain an interagency information sharing program. 16 pages. NCJ 178281.
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Construction, Operations, and Staff Training for Juvenile Confinement FacilitiesTop  
 January 2000. This bulletin provides information about how the Juvenile Accountability Incentive Block Grants (JAIBG) program assists in the building or expansion of juvenile detention facilities, focusing on construction decisions, master planning, facility development, and training. 28 pages. NCJ 178928.
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Workload Measurement for Juvenile Justice System Personnel: Practices and NeedsTop  
 December 1999. This bulletin, one in a series featuring Juvenile Accountability Incentive Block Grants Program (JAIBG) best practices, describes workload measurements for judges, court-appointed defenders, probation officers, and pretrial service staff. 8 pages. NCJ 178895.
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Enhancing Prosecutors' Ability To Combat and Prevent Juvenile Crime in Their JurisdictionsTop  
 December 1999. This bulletin provides recommendations for the effective use of additional prosecutors and the use of technology to increase efficiency in the juvenile justice system. 20 pages. NCJ 178916.
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Enabling Prosecutors to Address Drug, Gang, and Youth ViolenceTop  
 December 1999. This bulletin, one in a series featuring Juvenile Accountability Incentive Block Grants Program best practices, offers data on recent trends in juvenile violence, juvenile drug offenses, and gang-related juvenile offending and describes prosecutorial responses to such offenses. 12 pages. NCJ 178917.
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Developing and Administering Accountability-Based Sanctions for JuvenilesTop  
 September 1999. This bulletin describes how to develop and administer accountability-based sanctions for juveniles. 12 pages. NCJ 177612.
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Focus on Accountability: Best Practices for Juvenile Court and ProbationTop  
 August 1999. This bulletin explains and provides guidance on the factors and processes involved in holding juvenile offenders accountable for their offenses, details the roles of the juvenile court and probation department, specifies the crucial elements of programs that promote accountability, and describes effective community-based initiatives. 12 pages. NCJ 177611.
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