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Series: Girls Study Group Series
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Developmental Sequences of Girls' Delinquent BehaviorTop  
 December 2013. This paper presents the findings from the Girls Study Group which examined delinquent behavior in girls. 16 pages. NCJ 238276.
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Causes and Correlates of Girls' DelinquencyTop  
 April 2010. This Office of Justice Programs’ publication presents findings on strategies to reduce or prevent girls’ involvement in delinquency and violence. 20 pages. NCJ 226358.
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Suitability of Assessment Instruments for Delinquent GirlsTop  
 April 2010. This report summarizes the findings of a study that systematically examined the extent to which existing adolescent assessment instruments used in the juvenile justice system are equally effective for girls and boys. 12 pages. NCJ 226531.
PDF (1 MB) 
Developmental Sequences of Girls Delinquent BehaviorTop  
 August 2009. This study examined the temporal ordering and patterning of girls’ delinquent behavior from childhood through adolescence. 63 pages. NCJ 242663.
Resilient Girls--Factors that Protect Against DelinquencyTop  
 January 2009. This study explored four processes hypothesized to operate as protective factors in the lives of girls at risk for delinquency: support from or presence of a caring adult, school connectedness, school success, and religiosity. 16 pages. NCJ 220124.
PDF (11.3 MB) 
Girls Study Group--Charting the Way to Delinquency Prevention for GirlsTop  
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Violence by Teenage Girls: Trends and ContextTop  
 May 2008. Drawing on information from official arrest sources, nationally based self-report and victimization surveys, and studies reported in the social science literature, this bulletin examines the involvement of girls in violent behavior, including whether such activity has increased relative to the increase for boys and the contexts in which girls engage in violent behavior. 24 pages. NCJ 218905.
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