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Nonparticipating State Program: Wyoming
Wyoming has chosen not to participate in the Formula Grants program under Title II, Part B of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDP Act). As such, the state is ineligible to receive the FY 2014 Title II Formula Grants program allocation authorized under Sections 221-23 of the JJDP Act (42 U.S.C. Sections 5631-33). Accordingly, OJJDP will competitively award the state's allocation through the Nonparticipating State Program: Wyoming, pursuant to 42 U.S.C. Sec. 5633(d).
High-Risk Youth Mentoring Research
Mentoring has been shown to be an effective intervention for youth; however, more research is needed to understand how youth at high risk for delinquency are best supported through mentoring. The High-Risk Youth Mentoring Research program will support research and evaluations to further examine how certain characteristics, components, and practices of mentoring programs can best support youth who are at particularly high risk for delinquency.
Second Chance Act Comprehensive Statewide Juvenile Reentry Systems Reform Planning Program
This solicitation will provide funding for 12-month planning grants during which time state or local-level juvenile justice agencies will convene a reentry task force and develop and finalize a comprehensive statewide juvenile reentry systems reform strategic plan.
Mentoring for Child Victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Domestic Sex Trafficking...
There are two categories of funding available under this solicitation: Category 1: Mentoring Project Sites Category 2: Training and Technical Assistance.
Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Field-Initiated Research and Evaluation Program
Invites researchers to investigate innovative approaches to increase what is understood about how to effectively address Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) victimization. This solicitation calls for advancing evidence-based programs and practices that provide CSEC victims with timely and comprehensive intervention services.
Practitioner-Researcher Partnership Mentoring Children of Incarcerated Parents Demonstration Program
This demonstration program will support a practitioner-researcher partnership to develop and evaluate new mentoring practices to serve the needs of youth whose parents are incarcerated.
Multi-State Mentoring Initiative
Supports qualified, established mentoring organizations as they strengthen and/or expand their existing mentoring activities within local chapters or subawardees. Mentoring activities include direct one-on-one, group, or peer mentoring services for at-risk and underserved youth populations. Successful applicants should implement programs that will recognize and address the factors that can lead to or serve as a catalyst for delinquency or other problem behaviors in underserved youth.
National Mentoring Programs
Supports national mentoring organizations in their efforts to strengthen and/or expand their existing mentoring activities within local chapters or subawardees. Mentoring activities include direct one-on-one, group, or peer mentoring services for at-risk and underserved youth populations.
Title II Formula Grants Program
Pursuant to Part B of Title II of the JJDP Act, states must submit a 3-year plan that addresses each of the program's requirements. States must update their plan annually to cover new or modified state programs, projects, and activities. This announcement contains instructions applicable to the FY 2014 Title II Formula Grants application and update of the comprehensive FY 2012 to 2014 3-Year Plan.
Second Chance Act Two-Phase Juvenile Reentry Demonstration Program: Planning and Implementation
This solicitation will help ensure that the assessments and services youth receive in secure confinement, reentry planning process, and services and supervision youth receive upon reentry promote reduced recidivism rates and improvements in positive youth outcomes.
National Center for Building Community Trust and Justice...
The initiative funded under this grant announcement will support this early knowledge and model building through the piloting of innovative strategies to address procedural justice, implicit bias, and racial reconciliation and assessment and dissemination of information about those activities.